All autoimmune disorders are the result of toxicity, deficiency, lack of proper nerve supply and exposure to chronic stressors.

The human spine develops it's natural curves through certain developmental stages during childhood.The problem with most children is that they don't go through all these stages properly, starting with the birth process.  If your child was born in a hospital, it's very likely that his spine was damaged during the birth process, especially if it was done through a C-section

A c-section is especially damaging because it involves the doctor pulling on the child's head and twisting it in order to pull him out of the womb

 The spasms your son is experiencing are actually intelligent responses by the body to increase the sensory input to his brain.   His brain isn't communicating properly with his body, mostly because of the neurotoxins in the vaccines that he was exposed to   

So the first step will be detoxing his body of these neurotoxins so his brain can function properly

The second step will be stimulating his brain through chiropractic care  

This method of treatment will reduce and eventually eliminate the spasms

 The issue with his sleep, is again another sign of the brain not getting enough sensory input so it's spasming all the muscles to generate more sensory input to stimulate the brain